Monday, March 27, 2017

An Adventure to Mt.Everest

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Brief familiarization for newbie Mount Everest travelers.

Mount Everest is still the eventual mountaineering dream of any voyager.  To view the earth from the one of the highest peak is probably one of most gratifying know-hows. Well an attempt on Everest is a commitment that needs huge amount of staunchness and resolve.

As I dreamt of this travel, I met a mountaineer who had already been planning for travel to this peak and had met many Everest travelers. He explained to me that not only the top of the peak but also along the route it is a beautiful experience. Every corner of the trail provides great photo occasion – stunning jungles, Sherpa settlements, glacial rubbles, and hills.
Other interesting things that I learned from the traveler where
  • Food:  Most climbers tend to keep easy to eat stuffs like a combination of Trail mix or nuts or dried fruit etc. These foods not only are safe and easy to eat, but they also have lots of slow burning releasing energy. On Everest you do not need to be worried about the fatty diet as advised by doctors! It is preferred to get fatty foods. But if you hate fatty foods, then do not force it. Most important rule is : ‘Do not try anything new’. Try something you are used to and not vice versa. At higher altitude it is difficult to digest hence it is important to focus on food that digests easily
  • Water: Most of the water is sourced by chipping clean ice from the glacier to melt for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing water for the entire team. All the water is melted from ice and there is always a hot thermos so everyone can have tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. It is important to plan and devote time to collect and melt the water that is needed for the whole day.

Well as I listened to it, it was good since it saved lot of my research. For me the dream of Mt Everest needs lot of practice. But if you are an active adventurer and not afraid to break a sweat,  then there are many full trekking support companies working at the base of Mt Everest that will help in opening a dream window at top of the world

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to grab Ajio Coupon and offers 100% free

What happens if you just get a sms which says that you can get minimum 40% discount from Reliance retail brand "Ajio”, Indian e-commerce company in the fashion space, on handpicked fashion clothing and footwear. Well at first you might just ignore it as spam message or promotional campaigns which can be ignored.

Today , I thought let me introduce you to the whole new fashion website, which has made good strides in the eCommerce market. The fashion trend available on this website has had such an impact that impacting the mood of potential online shopper.

Well here I am presenting to you the new Ajio coupons website. It is a good place for online shoppers of fashion apparels, who are looking to satisfy their shopping hunger at less cost. Get latest Ajio coupons on CouponClue , which are active as we speak. 52 active Ajio offers available as of today with discounts varying from 10-40%

It is easy to get access to exclusive Ajio offers and Coupon codes,  that will not only fulfill your wish of doing dream shopping at budget rates but also ensure you get to wear the latest fashion trends. You can choose from so many selections, and at a very minimal cost.Let’s take an example: If you cart value is rs.10,000 and you use one of the listed coupon code on that your final payment price will be cheaper. You can maximize your savings up to flat Rs.1000+ for sure.

With so many saving on offer, I strongly recommend everyone to apply or redeem Ajio coupons before ordering.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pickles of India available online

Pickles are a significant supplement at indian homes during lunch or dinner.  Most pickles are often made from certain assortments of components (vegetables/fruits/sea food) available in the market.  Before putting the masala, the main components are finely sliced and immersed in edible oils. Most common variety of the Indian pickles are the Mango or the lemon pickle. But each Indian region bring in different flavors and has many authentic pickles.

If you started listing down the name of common Indian pickles, then there will a huge list. Each pickle having a wide range of flavours and textures that are pickled with oil, vinegar, lemon juice or water.

If you are looking to Buy Pickles made from cauliflower, carrot, jalapinos, tomato, onion, palm heart, olives, lotus stem, brinjal, rose petals, pumpkin, ginger, mutton, amla, mixture of vegetables, radish and more, then it is easily available online. The most common seasonings that go into the pickles are elements like red chili, coriander, turmeric, asafoetida, and fenugreek. Based on the taste sugar or Salt quantity can be varied and preservatives added.

Some of the unique pickles always excite me. I usually purchase this Pickles Online and here they are

  • Achar Pachranga : Having origins in Punjab, i just lick my hands whenever i am in dhaba. Enriched with ingredients like mustard oil, raw mangoes, chick peas, lotus stem, karonda and amlas or limes, this pickle will leave enlighten your taste bud 

  • Mango Thokku : This pickles just relishes my childhood memory whenever it touches my taste bud. Made from shavings pickled from Raw green mango , this spicy pickle is common in many southern households and can be tried with any types of dish
  • Prawn Pickle: I am a sea food enthusiast. So when I was introduced to pickle made from prawn for the first time at a friends home, I absolutely fell in love with. Made with fresh prawns, coconut vinegar and a melange of spices, this pickle is a must when non veg food is served on the plate
Many types of foods in Indian cookery are pickled. Sometimes Indian families have their own distinctive pickle recipes that are handed-down through the generations. Online websites today ensure that food enthusiasts like me are able to find the best authentic & traditional homemade pickles from the convenience of home.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Refreshed Bangalore Memories at "Vivanta by Taj - Whitefield"

After engineering, life has got so busy running for professional aspirations that all the college bonds have just been memories in the albums.

So when we got a chance to visit Bangalore for a business trip i decided that it's time to refresh those old memories and take control back of life.

Well as the planning started for get together, i realized that most of my friends were staying in around and Whitefield. Luckily the best pals were working in ITPL. So finally based on some research and suggestions, we narrowed down to stay at Vivanta by Taj - Whitefield

We had heard enough stories of whitefield traffic so we did not want to impede our professional commitments. But with some research , we were able to move this meetings in and around whitefield.

The drive from airport to this hotel was not bad as we reached the hotel in less than 1.5 hours in early morning. But i realized the mess of whitefield traffic when i glanced the traffic from 9am to 10am. It was horrible but luckily my hotel staff informed that this was a moving traffic which is much better than a stagnant.

Located just besides ITPL park, i think the location chosen by vivanta is excellent. During our breakfast i was able to network with many people and most of them chose vivanta due to location proximity and avoid the traffic mess.

for me it was a pleasure of both business and personal visit. The hotel staff was excellent and the staff was good at what they do (provide good service). Started the day with good breakfast and i moved around the beautiful premise.   Designed with a stylish vibe, i was told by the hotel staff that this hotel is unique 5-star hotels in Whitefield with three elements: stone, grass and sky to create a true class. Also The hotel's changes color and texture to express their potential for corporate nomads. 

With the interesting brief from hotel staff, the hotel staff also arranged a cab for us so that we can tour the city. I with my friends saw the nandi hill sunrise the next day and it was an amazing experience. Well the gathering became more fun, since we spent next two days watching movies in the nearby mall and enjoying delicacies cooked by "vivanta whitefield" chefs.

The visit not only gave me a chance to refresh the college memories but we also got some important leads for our business and made some new corporate friends. Overall it was a win-win combo and the pleasant relaxing experience at the resort made the stay more memorable.

Though the vibrant growing town of whitefiled has many upcoming hotels, i guess the location of "Vivanta by Taj - Whitefield" makes it more attractive. If repeating customers are to be believed , then no one wants to miss the service of a hospitable staff at a good location.

We will visit again soon this place. If you have any memories of staying in a hotel, then do share.

I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tata Motors Hexa : High End UV Automobile made for Indian roads or any rugged Roads

Indian Automobile sector is going through an interesting change with so many cars and manufacturers. As the industries entertain Passengers with multiple models/options/features, i feel the ultimate winner is the customer like you and me since we get to choose from multiple options.

Some lucky people like me , get a chance to experience/drive the vehicle before it is launched in the market.Recently i also got a chance to experience the power of new vehicle - "Tata Hexa".

Expected to be launched in Jan 2017, Tata Hexa is a premium SUV. Other competitors in the same segment are Mahindra XUV500, Toyota innova etc. But what attracted me the most to hexa was its ability to drive through rough terrains, good balance at any inclination and definitely its good look.

As we (i along with my husband) entered the grounds of white orchid(place where hexa experience center was erected in bangalore) we were amused at the number of vehicles doing rounds and people waiting anxiously queues for their turn.

Entrance of Hexa Experience Centre
Available in different colors (arizona blue, tungsten silver, pearl white, sky grey, platinum silver) and different models (XE, XM, XT, XMA, XTA, XT 4X4), Tata Hexa has whatever it takes 
  • Power packed
  • Feature loaded
  • Adrenaline pumped
Demo in progress of the strong engine

The 7 seater vehicle has been loaded with multiple features depending on the variant that you will buy. Some of the highlight features of the vehicle are
  • 19 inch machine cut alloy wheels
  • Rear AC Vents on Pillars(2nd & 3rd row) with blower speed control
  • Connectnext App Suite and touchscreen infotainment system by Harman
  • Driver Information system(DIS) with multi-colored TFT screen 
  • 10 Speaker JBL system
  • 2.2 Litre VARICOR engine with max power of 150PS@4000 or 15PS@4000. Max torque of 320Nm@1700-2700 or 400Nm@1700-2700
  • Super Drive Modes (auto, Comfort, Dynamic, Rough Road)
The list of features continues. Post the off-road and drive experience, the only remaining activity is booking of this car

Driveway for the off-road experience
Well the price of the vehicle is yet to be out.

360 degree experience

Digital zone present besides the "tata hexa" vehicle provides a 360 degree view of the car. You can see the features inside the car or customize the car according to colors and see how it looks. The feeling was if i was sitting inside the car. You can also log on to the website and click on right hand side for "360 degree experience"


There were many other stores/entertainment/zones to support the tata hexa launch. Post experiencing the Hexa benefits, we spent time at many stalls.  Here are some brands/store who tried to add more stars to the tata motor super star "HEXA"

Tanishq Brand
Though not many options, limited collection were enough to excite me and give worries to my husband. Hoping to visit their main store in "Phoneix mall" with my wish-list.
Tata Value Homes
For the first time, after visiting the stall i realized that "tata" also provides affordable housing. Hoping to fulfill our dream soon.
Croma Store
 All Croma store visitors were given a gift card for future shopping

Charlie's Animal Rescue centrE (CARE)
CARE has many accomplishments to their names such as rescue of 5k+ animals, medical care for 3.5k animals etc. You can also support this "Haven for Animals" by logging to
Kids Zone
Entertainment : Relax and chill

As we were experiencing our drive inside the vehicle, it is difficult to express those feeling/enjoyment. But for viewers who missed the enjoyment or failed to watch/drive the vehicle , below video captures the different maneuvers of the vehicle on a test ground. Be aware that this vehicle was driven by expert drivers under constant monitoring. So before you try this drives/stunts on your own, make sure you have enough expert guidance.

To get more details about #hexaexperience , visit and stay tuned for hexa updates