Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vada Pav - The Famous Hunger Saver Of Mumbai

What you remember when you hear or think of Mumbai ?? Think Think !!! Leave it - Let me tell its "The Famous vada pav".
Yes , the vada pav is one of the oldest and very famous road side snack where people in mumbai till today enjoy it to the fullest. What is so much special in it  ? It is just a simple pav (Indian pav bread)  and batata vada (potato based roundal fritter), still it so famous in Mumbai . No one has the answer. The reason behind the title that the vada pav is hungry saver because people in mumbai are never left empty stomach. If they feel hungry they just love to grab one of these vada pava and cutting chai, makes them full .  Earlier around 35 years ago the price of vada pav was told to be 6 paisa. Now the price has gone from 6 paisa to Rs 15 . Till then and now the taste of vada pav has never change but its demand have been increased. Hope its chain of taste never change over coming years too.
Going on to the recipe , I thought to make vada pav with healthy Whole wheat pav . I hope you all will enjoy this superb mumbaikari snack and try out in your kitchen.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gobi 65

Gobi 65 is the delicious appetizers or starter served at any parties . In this recipe gobi or cauliflower florets are marinated into spicy mixture , then deep fried and lastly temper with few ingredients . In 65 recipes, sauces like soya sauce, hot sauce are not used .  It has full Indian taste . People get confused between 65 recipe  and manchurian recipe . Manchurian recipe is prepared with sauces where as 65 recipe has the complete touch of Indian spices. So go try this recipe and enjoy...
If interested you can also check out my  Mushroom 65 recipe which has the slight changes in  its method and rest everything is same . Without wasting much of the time lets start with this recipe...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Egg Dum Biryani

Biryanis are the one pot meal which helps us to make multi dishes into one . The Sundays  really makes us lazy to go in the kitchen and cook full meals . Biryani really rescues us from all these. Actually Egg Dum Biryani was prepared on last sunday and since the post was not edited I could not publish it . My husband is big fan of egg biryani and I keep on preparing it atleast once in the week. But had never taken pics of it . This time with patience I took some to post it on the blog. Looking at the ingredients you may be afraid off or step back to prepare it . Believe me this biryani is very simple in preparation and also does not need much time to cook .
You can serve this biryani  as it is or with some plain salad .  I served this biryani with some fish pakoras. There were some fish fillets left in my fridge, so prepared some Amritsari fish pakora . So friends try this recipe and let me know how did it turned out for you .
Going on to the recipe .

Monday, July 14, 2014

Gulkand Shake - The Simple Milk Shake Flavoured with Rose Petal Jam

Whenever I think of  making anything  using gulkand as the ingredient. I feel happy because gulkand is my all time favourite. The people who do not know what the gulkand is?? The gulkand is the rose petal jam , which is prepared by preserving rose petals in the sugar syrup.It is also used in many Indian dessert.
 I like to eat it any time of the day. I think sometimes even  bottle gets over.  Gulkand has its own  medicinal benefits like it removes heat from the body and also it helps in digestion. And yes this drink helps to boost the child's immunity power.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Rajasthani Thali

Rajasthan is the state of India which is famous for its royal and pride traditions and its cuisine. The famous dish of rajasthan is dal baati churma. Though this dish is not a complete Rajasthani Thali.  Rathers some accompaniments like Kathiyawadi khichdi, Gatte ki subzi, Choka ni kheer, bajra roti, boondi raita are also compulsory part of the thali.
Rajasthani Thali can be the suprising and perfect delicacy to all people visiting Rajasthan to experience its unique taste of rajasthani cuisine in every bite.
Earlier I had prepared one full complete rajasthani thali. I never posted its due to poor quality image. Thinking of that I prepared mini rajasthani thali with very few dishes. But in this post I have one image of complete rajasthani thali which is enough to detail the dish of thali. So let me start the thali recipe post by detailing recipes one by one.