Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Experience With My Little Teddy

Image Source: Club Mahindra Teddy Travelogues

A Child is the priceless gift of every parents. I hugged my child after I heard about the Peshawar incident. And yes, many things have changed in our life after our son came into our life. Before we were parents, we travelled and explored many places. Travelling was very easy for us but after our son was born, our unplanned trips were reduced. But even unplanned trips have its own fun and happiness.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Clam /Tisre Biryani - Karwar Special

Clams are the fresh water seashells which are very popular in Karwar city, South Karnataka. Clams are known as tisre in Karwari language. People over there  make variety of dishes of clams like tisre sukka,  tisre ambta, tisre biryani, tisre fry etc. Today I will be posting the recipe for tisre biryani.
There are two types of clams available. White clams are called as tisre (in Karwari language) and black ones are called as kondi (in Karwari language).  White clams are more tastier than black clams . So the biryani are usually prepared using white clams. 
This biryani is very simple to prepare unlike the other biryanis. Some people make the clam biryani using half shelled clams and some people opt to use only meat from the shells to make the biryani.
This step is left to you, how you want to keep the meat in the biryani. Both will have the same taste, there will be no issue with the taste of the biryani. So lets start the recipe.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prawns Curry

If you're looking for the  simple yet delicious recipe of prawns curry. This is the right stop to browse in. This prawn  curry is prepared with few ingredients and method of preparation is very simple too. The main flavours to the curry gets from garlic and fennel seeds. These ingredients make the good pair with prawns and make the curry to taste unique.The curry gets more tempting when you use fresh prawns instead of frozen ones. 
Nothing much to say about the recipe than narrating you all, that how to make this superb delicious prawn curry in southern Indian style.

The Most Powerful Battle- Capture and Defeat Fear

Did you know? Fear is obnoxious sensation caused by threats of risk. The fear is caused since we live with our life that is controlled by our mind. The mind gets influenced by what it sees and what others say (be it positive or negative). Some years back, I too had a fear of heights. It was to such a extent that I was not able to stand on the chair and clean the fan. I always had to find an excuse from my parents.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Safe Drive Can Save The Life

Image Source: CarCrash

Safety must be our priority in our life. When we leave our home in early morning for an office, we never know that we will return back home safely because of unusual road accidents that are happening in day today life. In the everyday news we hear so many accidents that took the life of the people and some accidents will be due to the minor faults but still people have to pay for it by dying or by getting severely injured.