Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey diet

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Healthy mind is the sign of a healthy body. It is very important to follow the proper diet and keep your body fit both mentally and physically.  Apart from healthy diet, physical exercise is also needed. Remember good health can lead to a proper healthy life.

In today's time people are least bothered about health due to multiple reasons. Though they have the required lifestyle class , the lifestyle of people is not maintained well. This can be one of the reason that can cause several health problems. Unhealthy lifestyle is an invitation to doctors and medicines.

Here are the some benefits of following a balanced healthy diet
  • Healthy diet can help you to stay fit.
  • It can also help you to reduce stress.
  • Healthy diet can give confidence about yourself.
  • Proper body shape can be easily achieved.
  • Digestion system works properly.
  • Lastly it helps to balance  proper work life necessities.

I have seen that many people follow the crash diet course to meet their goal of losing of weight. Now a days it has become like a fashion and has become quite  popular these days. The crash diet course restricts you in eating . Though you get very fast result in weight loss, it has many disadvantages.Crash diet restricts not only on unhealthy food but also puts restriction on healthy food.

Just as there is a positive side to the crash diet program, there is also a negative side to a crash diet.
Coming to disadvantages of crash diet.
  • Crash diet does not allow the body to get proper diet food. 
  • Crash diet can starve you many times leading to weakness in body
  • Higher increase in stress levels due to weakness.  
The crash diet also reduces the calories from the diet to the point that it can lead to hunger and starvation. The weight loss benefits of the crash diet might be appealing but  crash diet can be tough to follow because food intake is heavily restricted.

So above mentioned disadvantages of crash diet need to be handled before we can follow it. The best you can do is follow the healthy diet and keep your body fit and healthy. The best step one can follow daily is to simply include honey in your daily diet or replace refined sugar with honey. Honey has many medicinal values and it can benefit you in your healthy diet plan.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review of Citadel Hotel

Today I would like to review on hotel where I recently visited. Few days back had approached me and given an offer to visit any favourite hotel and then review on hotel. 
So I choose to visit Citadel Hotel, which is located in anandrao circle in Bengaluru.
The Citadel Hotel is the four star business hotel.  The hotel is located  at the center of Bengaluru city. The  citadel hotel is luxurious and has  comfort rooms . The hotel rooms are spacious with fashionable living. Apart from a stay, hotel guests can experience many of hotel events too. There are additional facilities like Terrace Pool, Fitness Centre, West Wood- 24 Hour Multi cuisine Restaurant, 24 Hour In Room Dining and Amphi theatre, where one can enjoy watching the favorite movie.. Additional to these, the hotel rooms are non-smoking. 
This hotel can give best experience of holiday stay apart from business class stay. As said earlier, the hotel is very easily accessible as the railway station and bus station are very close by. Guest can enjoy the sightseeing of Bengaluru city. The famous places that can be covered in sightseeing are Vidhana soudha, Cubbon Park, Bengaluru palace etc. If interested they can also get a chance to do street shopping at very reasonable price.

Coming to the multi cuisine restaurant of Hotel citadel is the West woods.  West woods restaurant is not spacious as thought but its ambience e was very pleasant.  The restaurant was in the lobby right in the middle of Hotel rooms.  We tried lunch buffet. There were both veg and non veg options. There was chicken soup for non-vegetarian and manchow soup for vegetarian. There were variety of salads both Indian and continental. There were no much options in starter only chicken tikka was available. Then in main course we had butter naan, rogan josh and nilgiri chicken.  I like nilgiri chicken, it was quite tempting and also I had never tried it before. So I liked it. Rogan josh was not up to the mark. The meat was not cooked properly and there was lot of oil in the gravy. 

Then there were many more options in vegetarian section like butter paneer, veg subzi, rasam, plain rice, biryani and fried dal. I was not satisfied with the dessert options because they had kept the common sweets like Maida burfi, jilebi and vanilla ice-cream. By the time I went to take dessert, even ice cream was finished.

The overall rating for the hotel, I would like to give is 3.5 out of 5
The restaurant needs to focus more on options of food otherwise overall food was good .

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Natural and simple skin care tips

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Glowing and flawless skin is the dream of everyone. Different problems can occur on different skin types. For instance Oily skin can get pimples and it has greasy texture. Whereas Dry skin is prone to get dehydrated and can get itchy. People with normal skin can be considered to be lucky ones as they do not require much of pampering on their skin. But still the skin needs to be taken care by regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Here are some natural tips which can give you better skin and better healthy life. These tips are easily accessible and are perfect for all the types of the skin.

Healthy food diet
Healthy diet is very essential for glowing and flawless skin. Intake of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables will make your skin clear and spotless. Fish, nuts, brown rice, quinoa, white meat which are protein rich foods can make your skin look healthy. Walnuts, salmon, sardines and soybeans which are high in omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce inflammation. So taking right amount of food can really help in clearing the skin and realizing your dream of looking beautiful.

Drinking plenty of water
Drinking water everyday can boost the immune system. It also helps to get rid of skin dryness. Besides water also helps to purify the impurities, to cleanse and hydrate the body and to remove the excess oil and dirt. So drinking water everyday should be made a routine since it helps in a simple way to keep your skin clean and clear.

Stay away from sun
It is important to avoiding the exposure to sun after 9 am. As we all know sun is the best source of vitamin D. The exposure of sun to the skin from 6 am to 9 am is considered very good for the healthy skin. So whenever you go outside after 9 am , try to cover your skin and also apply good quality sunscreen lotion or cream. Remember anything when used in appropriate quantity and at appropriate time is good for healthy. sun ray are perfect example of this. So to get a healthy skin get up early in the morning and enjoy the natures gift/remedy.

Hydrating your skin
Hydrating the skin is very essential to keep your skin healthy. Always use cold water for cleansing your face. Washing face with warm water can open the skin pores ,which allows dirt to get into them. Hence while washing the face, never scrub the skin. This can lead to skin irritation which can impact the look/feel of the skin. As a simple rule, it is always a good practice to wash the face in circular movement.

Use Vicco Turmeric cream with Foam Base
Vicco turmeric cream with foam base promises  us to be the best solution to the skin care problem. This cream has ayurvedic formula with microbicidal properties of turmeric. Turmeric is  the effective medicine for curing pimples, blackheads and skin infections, rashes and allergies. 

To know  more about Vicco turmeric cream with foam base you check out their amazing video here.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App

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In today’s time our world is full of latest technology applications.  Every operator company has come up with its own set of high technology application and they keep on updating these applications to provide all the benefit to their loyal user.
Among all the India operator company, Airtel takes the first place and it is known to be the biggest telecom operator of India. Earlier Airtel had launched a app called “My Airtel app’. Now it has been updated with new look and new features. The design of the updated version is very nice. I was very happy after exploring the whole app.
The updated version of My airtel app has exciting features with interesting deal and discounted coupons. This app also provides the notices for due date’s payments and low balances. Besides it also manages the recharging in addition to phones bill payments, internet bills, online shopping and many more . The interesting things on the apps are games and movies where you can order them as per your choice.

The best part of this app is that it allows you to access to any airtel services from any part of India and you can easily recharge any airtel number. By navigating through the whole app , here are the three key features that I would like to share with you all:

The first feature of airtel app I would like to share is its “Shake feature”.
All you have to do is just shake your mobile when you are in app and you will see the amazing
recharge deals on your screen.  This unique shake feature is available only on android phones
and will be soon launched on IOS phones also.

 The second feature I liked about the airtel app is “Airtel Surprises”.  
Airtel surprises truly satisfy the craving of online shoppers. When we recharge our mobiles through this app, we get free coupons from some popular brands. Isn't the feature of the app to just satisfy the crave of online shopaholic’s.

The third feature I liked about airtel app is “I Want to” feature.
This feature allows the user to make various action on their home screen of the app.In this app. You can buy the data plan, order the movies, games, pay and recharge and view your data balance.

I will say these features are the best addition to the app since it makes the job easier just by one click on any given option. Additionally airtel app can also connect us with airtel customer care at any time and we can raise our complaint with single touch.

Lastly I can say that I love the latest My Airtel app. I am mesmerized by it all the features. 
To know more about this app, please check the link My Airtel App

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The Crash Pepsi IPL is hot in the air. Every one are fixed to their television to know every single update of cricket and encouraging their favorite team. As we all know The Pepsi IPL has come up with exciting challenge where you will find professional and non professionals are producing the ads.  This ad activity has come up with some amazing creativity works.

While watching the ads, I found some ads have shown innovative ideas in their finishing. As we know the best ads will have the more unique ideas with amazing appearance.  Some of the ads have shown freshness in their finishing. As per the jury the finalists has already been selected. But the most-much loved celebrity is yet to be selected as the winner. I have watched most of their ads. Among those all the ads, here are two ads which I think can win the hearts of the people by their creativity talents.