Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App

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In today’s time our world is full of latest technology applications.  Every operator company has come up with its own set of high technology application and they keep on updating these applications to provide all the benefit to their loyal user.
Among all the India operator company, Airtel takes the first place and it is known to be the biggest telecom operator of India. Earlier Airtel had launched a app called “My Airtel app’. Now it has been updated with new look and new features. The design of the updated version is very nice. I was very happy after exploring the whole app.
The updated version of My airtel app has exciting features with interesting deal and discounted coupons. This app also provides the notices for due date’s payments and low balances. Besides it also manages the recharging in addition to phones bill payments, internet bills, online shopping and many more . The interesting things on the apps are games and movies where you can order them as per your choice.

The best part of this app is that it allows you to access to any airtel services from any part of India and you can easily recharge any airtel number. By navigating through the whole app , here are the three key features that I would like to share with you all:

The first feature of airtel app I would like to share is its “Shake feature”.
All you have to do is just shake your mobile when you are in app and you will see the amazing
recharge deals on your screen.  This unique shake feature is available only on android phones
and will be soon launched on IOS phones also.

 The second feature I liked about the airtel app is “Airtel Surprises”.  
Airtel surprises truly satisfy the craving of online shoppers. When we recharge our mobiles through this app, we get free coupons from some popular brands. Isn't the feature of the app to just satisfy the crave of online shopaholic’s.

The third feature I liked about airtel app is “I Want to” feature.
This feature allows the user to make various action on their home screen of the app.In this app. You can buy the data plan, order the movies, games, pay and recharge and view your data balance.

I will say these features are the best addition to the app since it makes the job easier just by one click on any given option. Additionally airtel app can also connect us with airtel customer care at any time and we can raise our complaint with single touch.

Lastly I can say that I love the latest My Airtel app. I am mesmerized by it all the features. 
To know more about this app, please check the link My Airtel App

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The Crash Pepsi IPL is hot in the air. Every one are fixed to their television to know every single update of cricket and encouraging their favorite team. As we all know The Pepsi IPL has come up with exciting challenge where you will find professional and non professionals are producing the ads.  This ad activity has come up with some amazing creativity works.

While watching the ads, I found some ads have shown innovative ideas in their finishing. As we know the best ads will have the more unique ideas with amazing appearance.  Some of the ads have shown freshness in their finishing. As per the jury the finalists has already been selected. But the most-much loved celebrity is yet to be selected as the winner. I have watched most of their ads. Among those all the ads, here are two ads which I think can win the hearts of the people by their creativity talents.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League

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Kapil dev is the great star who brought Indian cricket uprising after winning 1983 Cricket world cup. And now after two decades, the famous Kapil dev is back and has recently joined social platform on Twitter. You will see Kapil dev talking about his forthcoming concept #EkNayiLeague. There are many videos where kapil dev will be chatting to some of the most famous stars like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Bittu Sharma akka kapil Sharma and dare them to get clean bowled if they try to play the game with their heart.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mango Season Trifle - With All Flavors of mangoes

Mango season has already started.  I can see varieties of mangoes coming to the market and  have already started to taste them.  Mangoes are my favorite fruit and I can survive on them without having anything else. Two days back I had bought some Alphonso mangoes to try. As you all know Alphonso mangoes are one of the expensive mango variety and also they are most delicate mangoes too. When I got them,mangoes were semi ripened, but today when I checked them, all mangoes had got beautiful yellow color. So thought to make some recipe from it instead leaving them to get spoiled. Then came up with idea of Mango triple. Triple desserts are the layered pudding dessert which can have multiple flavors into it. But for this Mango triple, I have tried to keep much of the mango flavors in the ingredients like I have used mango cake, mango custard , mango jelly so that the recipe can bring the taste of mangoes in every bite you have. So lets see how to make and assemble the recipe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zenfone 2 could dethrone any phone to become the best phone

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Today phones have become so small and handy. They come in all shapes and sizes. Looking at the way the global smartphone market has rejoined in recent years, most smartphone manufacturing companies are hysterically growing their R&D and marketing expends in order to encourage the customer. Design and modernization are quickly the new catchwords. Every company wants to increase market superiority but the big problem is: do they actually feel the client's rhythm?

Taiwanese company, ASUS, seems to at least comprehend what the Indian users want and endure to influence year after year with its greatest in class smartphones. I truly clap their thoughtfulness to particulars. In this blog post, I'm going to express my views on why you must wait for the new ASUS ZenFone 2 and what can you anticipate in terms of the phones features and looks.

There is a famous proverb which claims “First impression is the last impression”.  ZenFone 2 looks fits this proverb. It embellishes a superior appearance due to its ultra-thin edges. The phone is extremely slim and awfully comfy to hold, making ASUS score high - both in design as well as appearance.

This smartphone has a 5.5-inch display. This manufacturing accomplishment is attained by confining the bezel width to bare minimum. Due to this accomplishment the screen to body ratio is a remarkable 72 percent.

Probably the first phone in the mobile world that is loaded with 4GB RAM. It is easy to run many apps concurrently and change between them without any annoyance. In addition, the dual-channel RAM , which is DDR3 gives a big push the new ZenFone 2, making multitasking a child's play. This will also limit the lag or faltering.  The performance is further strengthened by a 64-bit Intel Atom 2.3GHz processor. Also the ZenFone 2 is built to handle download speeds of up to 250Mbps and touch alertness of 60ms.

4. Resolution
ASUS is known to power its PixelMaster expertise for seizing high-resolution images with zero shutter delay. The smartphone also has a 13 MP Rear Camera, 5 P Lagan Lenses with ƒ/2.0 Aperture, Blue Glass Filter, Dual LED Real Tone Flash and Toshiba Sensor. The designers have also ensured that in Low Light mode the phone can capture 400% brighter photos than other closest competitor. This feature also applies to places where light is very dim. The whole credit goes to Pixel-merging technology that ZenFone 2 has developed and installed in this smartphone.

 5. Viewing Angle
The phone has got much better viewing angles than its precursors. Even at acute angles, it will be easy for two people to watch videos without any forfeiture of colors.

 6. Battery Life
With ZenFone 2, there is a gush in the battery capacity from 2,110mAh to 3,000mAh.

7. User Interface (UI)
It is quite surprising to see an updated ZenUI based on the Android 5.0 (or Lollipop). The company first attempt at building a custom Android based UI is not at all disappointing.

8. Videos
It is easy to record up to 1080p full HD videos using ZenFone 2, via the camera's Video mode.

9. Recharging
Armed with BoostMaster technology from ASUS, the ZenFone 2 is equipped to perform fast charging.  The manufactures claim that upto 60 percent of phone capacity can be recharged in flat 39 minutes.

To conclude, ZenFone 2 is a fantastic smartphone with power-packed performance. ZenFone 2 has 27 ASUS and third-party apps, alongside Google apps, which is exciting to say the least. In addition, there will be hardly be any instance where the phone will exhibit slowness while multitasking.
With price tag of around INR 20k, ZenFone 2 buyers will never regret their decision. A smartphone like the ZenFone 2 offers much better performance at a sensible price and is certainly one of the favored leading products in the market now. Go seize the future-ready phone for you and your household.