Thursday, August 20, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

                                                  Image Source: Airtel

Airtel has launched its new speed 4G. I came to know about it when I saw its commercial ad on TV. I was more curious to know about it in more detail. Hence without wasting much time I started to browse Airtels website . I was mesmerized about its features and at the same time was eager to try the new 4G connection.
With the presentation of Airtel 4G, the bond with them is only going to get stronger than ever. Airtel is  the first service provider in India to upgrade from 3G services to 4G services. This is a welcome step. With the size of data being switched on the Internet increasing with every transitory second, it makes sense to roll out the fastest available technology in India.
You only need a 4G ready device, a 4G SIM and a data pack. Request for a SIM on the website and just access 4G speeds instantly with the 4G SIM.Nowadays you can also enjoy speedy fast internet speeds on the go with Airtel using 4G dongles and 4G WiFi Hotspot. 
4G Dongle is just a plug & play option. It works nicely since the Micro SD card slot helps to use the Dongle as a memory stick. You can also create a WiFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices. This is actually a great option since no USB port is required. Now we can also say bye to our problems of fast battery draining as with the new airtel network your battery can last up to 6 hours.

Here are some activities I would like to do with such unbelievable speeds under my hood without any stresses.
  • Access Social media at faster speed -  Social media has become part of our life. Without using it , it becomes difficult to spend the day. Airtel 4G will now make it more easy to connect with our family and friends. And its fastest speed will help us to talk and watch our loved ones without any hassle .
  • Access Videos with faster speed – Now its going to be exciting to watch the fastest streaming high definition videos, which I have never  imagined earlier.  At the same time now downloading and uploading videos would be  just like swallowing  a piece of cake.
  • Do Transactions with faster speed – Banking sites sometimes crashes in middle of the transaction or activity. To secure the site, a good connection is needed which does not give up when we log on to the site while availing the benefits of the services. With airtel 4G, i hope all the problems will be sorted out  and it will make our online transaction life much more smoother.
Look at the amazing videos that is revolving on TV and social media about Airtel EG, i believe this 4G launch has great services to offer. Originally 296 cities are covered and if we are active on twitter, even we have the chance of receiving the airtel 4G sim at our home doorstep.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pasta Veggies Salad with Yogurt Dressing

Indiblogger has come up with a new contest of Delmonte Gourmet Pasta. I am  a big fan of pasta.  I love to try out different recipes prepared with pasta and  have already tried out but this time  I was really confused  when I received the pasta packet from Delmonte.
So thought to make something different yet simple recipe which can be prepared in no time. Then came up with idea of making healthy pasta veggies salad with yogurt dressing. Without wasting  much of the time ,lets hop on to the recipe.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flipkart IndiMeet Experience

After one on one experiencing  of Indimeet, I was very eagerly looking onto another event from indiblogger. Yes, this event was held last week. It was organised by indiblogger and Flipkart. This time indimeet was in the most happening place of Bangalore. Can you guess? Well the venue was Hardrock Cafe. 

As expected, there was life and the excitement from the time I entered the venue. The event started with live performance by indiblogger team which brought everyone extra zest to the event.
Then the star attraction of the event, Flipkart's team, came on board with an exciting new feature on Flipkart app called "Image Search". This feature launch was not only awesome but it was very informative too. Flipkart team gave us the live demo of the feature and even we got a chance to try it on our own.

This Flipkart app has made our shopping life much more easier by making it easy to find any product that we wish by just uploading the image. With the help of click of the favorite products, the images helps us to get the same or similar products in Flipkart. Those days are gone now when it is difficult to remember a design that we liked when we were walking on the road. With this new feature on app, it is easy to find any of the wished products.

This new feature of flipkart app is already available in most of the categories like footwear, clothing and fashion accessories. The app picks the colour of the products, its shape and also the pattern very quickly. I am very impressed and would love to try it more

After the launch we were networking along with some delicious food and beer. Then there was a fun activity where six groups were formed each with 20 members. Each group was asked to find the maximum number of matching product within the limited time frame. So we all very busy in clicking the pictures of products and then trying to match the same on flipkart app. Our group managed to match around 20+ products and our group was in 3rd place in the activity. 

Next was the lunch. As most of us were already filled with variety of starters served along with drink, the main course did not attract immediate attention.  In main course, there was Vegetable Penne Arrabbiata , Grilled chicken with mashed potato and garlicky bread. After some networking with blogger friends we enjoyed our meals. Last but not the least ended our meal with brownie and vanilla icecream.

Lastly we received the book "10 Love Stories" from authors. I was happy to meet the authors and also clicked the photos with them as keep in my memories folder. In all it was the refreshing day to all of us and would love attend more indiblogger meet.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Honey diet

                                                         Image Source: Indiblogger.

Healthy mind is the sign of a healthy body. It is very important to follow the proper diet and keep your body fit both mentally and physically.  Apart from healthy diet, physical exercise is also needed. Remember good health can lead to a proper healthy life.

In today's time people are least bothered about health due to multiple reasons. Though they have the required lifestyle class , the lifestyle of people is not maintained well. This can be one of the reason that can cause several health problems. Unhealthy lifestyle is an invitation to doctors and medicines.

Here are the some benefits of following a balanced healthy diet
  • Healthy diet can help you to stay fit.
  • It can also help you to reduce stress.
  • Healthy diet can give confidence about yourself.
  • Proper body shape can be easily achieved.
  • Digestion system works properly.
  • Lastly it helps to balance  proper work life necessities.

I have seen that many people follow the crash diet course to meet their goal of losing of weight. Now a days it has become like a fashion and has become quite  popular these days. The crash diet course restricts you in eating . Though you get very fast result in weight loss, it has many disadvantages.Crash diet restricts not only on unhealthy food but also puts restriction on healthy food.

Just as there is a positive side to the crash diet program, there is also a negative side to a crash diet.
Coming to disadvantages of crash diet.
  • Crash diet does not allow the body to get proper diet food. 
  • Crash diet can starve you many times leading to weakness in body
  • Higher increase in stress levels due to weakness.  
The crash diet also reduces the calories from the diet to the point that it can lead to hunger and starvation. The weight loss benefits of the crash diet might be appealing but  crash diet can be tough to follow because food intake is heavily restricted.

So above mentioned disadvantages of crash diet need to be handled before we can follow it. The best you can do is follow the healthy diet and keep your body fit and healthy. The best step one can follow daily is to simply include honey in your daily diet or replace refined sugar with honey. Honey has many medicinal values and it can benefit you in your healthy diet plan.

Establish a connection with Honey Diet.This blog post is written for Dabur Honey.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review of Citadel Hotel

Today I would like to review on hotel where I recently visited. Few days back had approached me and given an offer to visit any favourite hotel and then review on hotel. 
So I choose to visit Citadel Hotel, which is located in anandrao circle in Bengaluru.
The Citadel Hotel is the four star business hotel.  The hotel is located  at the center of Bengaluru city. The  citadel hotel is luxurious and has  comfort rooms . The hotel rooms are spacious with fashionable living. Apart from a stay, hotel guests can experience many of hotel events too. There are additional facilities like Terrace Pool, Fitness Centre, West Wood- 24 Hour Multi cuisine Restaurant, 24 Hour In Room Dining and Amphi theatre, where one can enjoy watching the favorite movie.. Additional to these, the hotel rooms are non-smoking. 
This hotel can give best experience of holiday stay apart from business class stay. As said earlier, the hotel is very easily accessible as the railway station and bus station are very close by. Guest can enjoy the sightseeing of Bengaluru city. The famous places that can be covered in sightseeing are Vidhana soudha, Cubbon Park, Bengaluru palace etc. If interested they can also get a chance to do street shopping at very reasonable price.

Coming to the multi cuisine restaurant of Hotel citadel is the West woods.  West woods restaurant is not spacious as thought but its ambience e was very pleasant.  The restaurant was in the lobby right in the middle of Hotel rooms.  We tried lunch buffet. There were both veg and non veg options. There was chicken soup for non-vegetarian and manchow soup for vegetarian. There were variety of salads both Indian and continental. There were no much options in starter only chicken tikka was available. Then in main course we had butter naan, rogan josh and nilgiri chicken.  I like nilgiri chicken, it was quite tempting and also I had never tried it before. So I liked it. Rogan josh was not up to the mark. The meat was not cooked properly and there was lot of oil in the gravy. 

Then there were many more options in vegetarian section like butter paneer, veg subzi, rasam, plain rice, biryani and fried dal. I was not satisfied with the dessert options because they had kept the common sweets like Maida burfi, jilebi and vanilla ice-cream. By the time I went to take dessert, even ice cream was finished.

The overall rating for the hotel, I would like to give is 3.5 out of 5
The restaurant needs to focus more on options of food otherwise overall food was good .

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