Friday, January 30, 2015

Get Ready To Grab the Bolt

Tata Motors “Bolt” is about to create a transformation in the way sub 4-metre sedan segment is observed in the Indian market. Claimed to be India’s first multi drive car, BOLT definitely is a TATA MOTORS product that has the potential to charm people who are obsessive about driving.  When I first heard about Tata bolt, I was wondering if bolt would have any similarity with tata famous car –“India”. Though I did not find, my knowledge might be limited when I am doing comparison. But the learning curve is there in any company and I will not be surprised if they have taken something from its past cars and built upon it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poha Cutlet And Chicken Moghalai Paratha - Recipe Challenge With Mother's Recipe

Mother’s recipe is one of the popular Indian brand food companies with huge range of pickles, papads, and ready to cook mixes and ready to eat food. Logo of Mother’s recipe itself says that “Discover the taste of tradition” that means this company promises their customers to discover the real taste of tradition Indian food recipes from every corners of India.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goodbye to Pimples with Garnier

Image Source:Indiblogger

Pimples …Pimples…Pimples…I hate those pimples on my face.
Pimples are the common problems in every life of teenagers. Pimples had created a mess in my life too. I still remember those days. I would look out for new pimples every morning and end the whole day thinking about ways to manage the horrible marks left by pimple on my face.

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Simple Love Proposal

Did you ever try to propose to anyone? If yes, do you remember the first time you did it? Well I feel my first (I was lucky that my first also turned out to be the last proposal) proposal was among the toughest task that I have managed. I still remember that I had felt the shiver down my spine, when I was about to propose to my love.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gadbad Falooda Icecream

Icecreams are the fancy desserts which can be served in many ways just by giving twist in them.
One among them is Gadbad Falooda Icecream. Many times I tasted and tried  falooda and gadbad icecream but never thought on the combination of these icecreams until I tasted it in Mumbai restaurant. This dessert was so colourful and delicious. The glass in which the dessert was served was huge and could not be finished by one. I was  in love with this dessert and wanted to give it a try and post on my blog. Though the exact layering I could not do but I tried my best to make it near to the icecream which I had in Mumbai restaurant . This dessert do not need any further explanation because its name itself says it is the combination of Falooda and Gadbad Icecream. Check out my recipe of   Falooda and Gadbad Icecream which are posted earlier in my blog. This is the must try dessert .When two icecreams are combined  with each other, makes the resulted icecream to get a different look and also becomes more flavorful and  tasty. So friends make and enjoy!!!