Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Royal Falooda Icecream

Summers in Delhi are too terrific. Recently we have shifted  to Delhi and this is my first stay here. Soon after returning from US, my body was giving up in Indian weather. Though people are much comfortable in their own country in all seasons. When the people go to outside countries and start staying there for many years. Their body gets habitat to foreign weather. There are many of my friends who feel the same.
The weather of my native is hot because the place is near  to the coastal region. During summer we used to suffer a lot, without fan it is impossible to live. All we could do was to wait for rains. After coming to Delhi, I found the weather of Delhi is three times of weather of my native .
My god the heat of here is just pricking my body. You feel that there is a all time doctor with you who is poking you the injection all over the body. I just thank god for having AC in our home which is our saviour. Otherwise our life would have been a hell. So just keeping patience and waiting to rain.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Navaratri falhar Sabudana Vada and The Stories of Incarnation of Nine forms of Goddess Paravati

Navaratri is the auspicious festival celebrated all over India. On  Navatri festival , the nine forms of Goddess Paravati are worshipped on nine days and tenth day is celebrated as Vijaya Dashmi. Dashmi is the tenth day of the month ashvin marked the victory day for two reasons. One is Goddess Paravati incarnated as Goddess Durga had won the victory over  the powerful demon named as Mahishasur and other reason is Lord Rama had won the victory over demon Raavan by killing him. Navatri and Dusshera is grandly celebrated in foreign countries too. People on this occasion fast on all the nine days by just having some light food which is called as falahar. All the nights are celebrated with big pujas and of course people enjoy by performing dandiya or garba dance.
This festival makes us to know the all forms of Goddess Paravati. So today I would like to detail the story about the nine goddess so that we can know some fact behind the incarnation of Goddess Paravati. This is the most important  thing were some people are still unknown to it.
Along with this religious post, I would also like to post one falhar recipe that is Sabudana vada. Sabudana vada  is the famous Maharashtra snack . These vadas can be relish on vrat or fasting days. Without wasting much time  let’s start the post with nine forms of Goddess, ending with the recipe which can help you all during your fasting days.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheesy Veggie Pizza - No Yeast Pizza

Is there anyone who does not like Pizza? What I know is pizza is enjoyed by almost everyone. Pizza is the fun to eat and enjoy. When we go for outing with our friends or family, the easiest  meal we enjoy now a days is Pizza. Though our elders were not much fan of pizza, they too love to have pizza anytime and anywhere. Even one slice of Pizza can save us by keeping our stomach full. Now a days making pizza at home are also very simple and easy which can be prepared in no time. But sometime making pizza at home in our busy schedule is not possible then we can  order the pizza from Dominos  and also from other  available pizza parlors. But when we have enough time, we can prepare the pizza and enjoy with our family .So today I will be sharing one of the most liked cheesy pizza. This pizza is no yeast pizza hence the proofing time is omitted in the recipe. Cheesy pizza has double layer base, stuffed with cheese layer in between the pizza bases. Hence it is can also be called as Double Cheesy Pizza. So let’s see how to make this quick pizza recipe.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Konkanis Special Vegetarian Thali

Saravan month is consider to be the festive month. This is month where most of the Hindu festivals like raksha bandhan, janmashtami, nag panchami, ganesh chaturthi etc are celebrated. In our home, during all these festivals, we follow up preparing many dishes when accompanied really makes one complete thali. After the puja is performed, all the dishes are served in the separate 3 banana leaves and then offered respectively to tulsi mata, holy mother cow and our friendly bird crow. Our people believe that offering food to crow is just offering food to our late ancestor. Belief is ancestors come in the form of crow and bless us. As this belief is passed on to generation to generation and all of them should follow according to our religion. This may sound little different, for a while will keep this matter aside and take a look on this whole thali.
This complete thali was prepared on Ganesh Chaturthi.  This is the typical Konkani Thali which includes rice, dalitoy (konkani dal flavored with asafoetida), sukhi bhaji (sukhi bhaji is the dry vegetable side dish, can be prepared with variety of vegetables), patal bhaji (patal bhaji is the thick gravy mainly prepared with the combination of dry green peas, green gram and potato),  rava kheer,  gulab jamun, kokum kadhi, kele podi (pan fried spicy raw banana) puri,and papad and pickle. In every curry, dal and kokum kadhi listed in this thali consists of coconut which acts as the main ingredients in the dish. Now lets see how to make each dish in detail.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anjeer Barfi - Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Finally the days of Ganesh Chaturthi has begin. We are all are exciting to bring Lord Ganesh at our home by singing a song "Bappa Moreya re Bappa Moreya re". Yes this is the song we sing when we bring Lord Ganesha at our home. On this auspicious period,  people worship Lord ganesh idol for 1 day, 3 day, 5 days and sometimes for 11 days. These days are celebrated by performing puja, preparing delicious dishes and bursting of crackles. The sweets which is most liked by Lord Ganesh is Modak. Every home in these days prepare varieties of modak. This day brings out the fun and happiness in the home.
This year we are going to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at my mother's home. Mom has prepared many kinds of sweets like ladoo, karanji, chakli etc. On my behalf I thought to prepare these anjeer barfi to offer to god, which will be little different from all those traditional sweet.
Anjeer barfi are very simple to prepare. These barfi includes some dates to bring the natural sweetness and some nuts that give crunchy texture in every bite. So lets see how to make this anjeer barfi.