Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji Ki Family

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When it comes to breakfast, I am a very fussy soul because the breakfast is that morning meal which keeps you healthy and strong. Then why to skip a breakfast when you know you will stay healthy after having it. So each time when it comes to morning breakfast, I prefer to have a cup of Kellogg’s with milk and fruits. Kellogg’s is the trusted brand with low contents of fat and calories. Kellogg’s brand cornflakes are the more tasteful cornflakes than any other brands in market. Even doctor suggests that to spend a healthier day, we all need to start our day with right breakfast. By having right breakfast we can feel energetic and strong on any day.  Kellogg’s food is the promising breakfast. You will not get bored off by having it every day because you can make varieties of tasty dishes in less time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be Happy And Cheer your Life

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Happiness is truly a state of mind and option of living. We have to experience it in life. Happiness can be different in everyone’s life. Our fellow companion’s happiness can also sometimes give us happiness.

In spite of being tough to define the term happiness, there’s something about happiness that has universal call. Almost everyone struggle’s for it, but not everyone will reach it.
Here are some of the proven ways to make you happier and happiest

Yoga to be Happy
Yoga or exercising can be the one of the best way for overcoming depression and attaining happiness. Yoga can make you happier even if you’re not depressed. It calms your body, mind and soul. It helps you to get peace in your life. Practicing daily yoga or exercise helps in reducing stress and keeping us happy.

Right Sleep to be Happy
A right sleep can make it easier to recall pleasing memories. Lack of sleep can make you to get into negative emotions like fear and irritation. Right amount of sleep has a better capacity to solve difficult problems.

Support Your Relationships
Friends and family are everything in life. They bring happiness in one’s life. As per the survey,   spending more time with your friends and family usually makes people much happier.

Smile Costs Nothing
Smile has no cost in doing it. If you do not smile, then it can worsen your mood. Thinking and smiling on positive thoughts can make you happy. When you smile at others, there is also better chance to get back a smile in return. This loop can lead to more positives in your life and the lives of others.

Plan a Vacation with your family.
Planning a vacation with your friends and family can make you happier. Survey shows that people are happy during the initial planning stage of their vacation. After the vacation is over, level of happiness can quickly return to the baseline.

Meditation helps us to keep our mind calm and focused. It supports eternal peace and helps to reduce the stress. The physical changes in your brain can make you happy and reduce all the stress in life.
Whether you work from home or in a corporate world, there is lot of tension and stress. Finding a little time each day to meditate can protect your mind-body stability and helps in gaining highest potential for creativity and success.

Follow Gratitude
People who are pleased for what they have, are better able to manage stress, have more positive emotion, and can achieve their goals. The best way to control the positive power of gratitude is to keep a gratitude file, where you keenly write down what you’re grateful for every day. Doing so has been linked to happier moods, greater hopefulness and a better physical health.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Togetherness

Marriages are made in heaven. But we do not know how our marriages are written in our fate. I was always against arranged Marriage. I always wondered how can unknown people marry and decide to live together forever in lifetime. This thought always revolved around my mind and I was little scared of arranged marriage.

Once my degree was over, I was badly looking out for a job. After my completion of Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, I wanted a job that would let me advance my inspiration and skill in the field that I chose to study for 4 year degree. It was bit difficult to search a job. After a long search I was able to join the diploma college as Assistant Professor. Though my salary was less, I started to enjoy my everyday activities at work place. At those days, we all friends had found a new time pass: surfing marriage sites (Matrimonial site). Surfing matrimonial site was a fun activity. We would simply register our-self, visit random male profiles and have fun on commenting on their profiles.

On one accidental day, I too registered my name on Matrimonial site with my parent’s permission. They did not have any objection as they were planning the same for me, which I got to know later. Though it was time pass for me, but my parents were very serious on searching a groom for me. After sometime, fun started getting serious. Some unknown people started calling at our home with marriage proposals. Then I realized it was getting too serious. In less than a month, I found myself in a to-be bride’s costume. There was somebody coming with his family to see me at my home. The boy was good and handsome. But he did not speak a word. When I served him sweets, he just thanked me with his head down. I was little confused. Then we were given a permission to know about each other by going and chit chatting in a separate room. So I decide to take him to our study room since it was quite and there was nice ambiance. To my surprise, I found this boy had a lot to speak and his lovely smile made me fall in love with him for rest of my life. 

Our engagement was fixed and fortunately we had a 6 month gap before our wedding. Those 6 months were beautiful. We would chat for long hours on phone, video chatting etc despite staying in two different states. And then we got married on May 2011.
Our new phase of our life from love to responsibility had begun.

My imagination was totally wrong and in a short time a stranger had become a part of my life.  Now it is about four years after getting married we both are happy with each other and will be #Together Forever.

Thank god for giving such an understanding man in my life.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

#StartANewLife towards the Journey of Drink Free Life!

“Please… Dad it’s not at all good for you! Why don’t you leave it forever? You promised us to leave it? Please throw that in the dustbin! I beg you dad. Please!, please, please… (Trailed by innumerable teardrops and requests)!

Visions are dreams that you wish to achieve. It takes sheer hard work and commitment to turn this vision to a reality. Quite analogous was a little vision prevailing deep within me. I always lived with that question in her mind— “Will my Dad ever quite Drinking?” This question though a little one has grown within me. Finally the little vision became true in real sense.

As I recollect those old golden jiffies of childhood, I feel yearning.  Those days were filled with immense pleasure but there has always been a shady and unpleasant touch to that delight of ours. The stronger dad’s compulsion, the firmer my belief that I should make him get rid of it one fine day. This belief was the trigger against the drinking monster… 

In 2000, with the help of my uncle and friends, decided to take dad out of his depressed world and show him the worldly realism's. This was needed to make dad recognize that there is a life, which is much more enjoyable than the dreadful and harmful one he was living. I sometimes felt he wasn't even aware of non-drinking life.

Nothing could be as apt as that very day which was equally special for both Mom and Dad. I had turned 21, only to comprehend that dad was still lost in his world of drinking reserved in dimness. Both my parents kissed me on my forehead at 12 midnight the previous day itself. I discarded the grief of Dad’s isolation since I had already made a plan for the next day. The plan was to change the next day into an unforgettable one for the whole of our lives.

Mom and my friends used their creative side for preparing anti-Drinking posters the whole day with drinking awareness messages in bold. I used my technical skills to create a movie and a powerpoint presentation indicating the health threats and minute risks of Drinking. Then we adorned Dad’s entire room with those posters and adjusted his laptop. We then got prepared for the next big moment until he entered and switched on the lights.

And then the time had come for us to deliver our hard work. He was shocked initially on seeing his changed room. But on seeing my friends, he calmed down as he couldn't express his anger openly. I gave a “good” grade to myself in the head and started the talk. Dad saw everything, scrutinized every bit of our little demo and understood the suffering he had been giving to his mind and body along with our souls. As we were entering the last phase of our execution, the small tear droplets on my dad’s face turned into bigger ones. I requested him yet again to quit Drinking for once and for all and asked him to grant me the most special birthday gift.

Brimming with emotions, tear drops rolled out from his eyes too the moment he came to know the fact that he had forgotten that special moment his baby was born and he had drank also on this special occasion.  It was almost the end of the day, but my dad hugged me and cried like a child. Then he rushed out to a nearby market and somehow managed to get the cake. He also called some of his best friends to come to our home ASAP (most of his friends actually were aware of our work and some of them had supported us in our plan). I was speechless to see his vast love and wonderful emotions for me carved deep inside his heart.

As we completed my birthday celebrations, my dad’s friend gave me a gift packet and asked me to open it. To my surprise it was a letter showing that my dad has been enrolled into a “alcohol rehabilitation center”. My joy had no bounds and I could not think of any better gift at this point of my time and struggle.

There is a saying— “It’s better late than never”! No, it wasn't the end but a new start with a new stance along with a beautiful change for our entire family. Thereafter, dad promised never to even think of Drinking again and I was successful in successful my challenge which was indeed, the most superior birthday present I could ever gift to myself. With the help of rehabilitation center he was able to successfully get rid of his addiction for lifetime.

This was indeed, a second of pride which brought back the vivacity to my life. The major change I could ever make into my life lies in the fact that I made my father quit a risky habit. This not only brought back the splendor to my entire family but an endless happiness that I will cherish throughout my life. I did #StartANewLife with my courageous move. This was my victory over drinking evil, which had almost destroyed my family.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mr Malholtra - A source of inspiration and optimism about life

People say that the globe has altered. They assert that it used to be a much better place to stay than it is nowadays. The ancestors, gossip speakers, tabloids and many more mediums of information assert my initial statement every day with information on global crimes, green house gases, increasing toxic waste, rising divide among the residents of the earth and so many disturbing news. Sometimes it looks like the world does not have anything positive to talk about. It can be psychologically draining to talk about so much negative news always. But I have always been told to look on the positive side by my elders and I believe in looking at the bright side of the life. I can confidently say that the world has not changed much around me. My inspiration is my childhood’s best friend “Spooky and her family”. Below is a glimpse of her world:
"Papa, I Am home", Spooky shouted as she dragged her heavy bag and bicycle inside her garage. She heard her mom yell "first change your outfit and get ready for lunch beta". She overlooked her mother and went straight to her dad seated on the couch watching news as usual.
The sun rises daily, giving us the chance to start our life afresh. I was not always positive like this. In fact I was the criticism box, who would have been overlooked from miles away. I was never appreciative for what I was given and I left no stone unturned to let everyone around me know how awful my life was. I drove people away and continued being disgruntled more from my life. But after I met spooky and spent time with her, things changed significantly in me.
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Spooky always saw her father move slowly on the floor helping her mother do the daily odd jobs. Spooky’s dad (Mr Malholtra) performance was a slap to people who claimed that disabled people can’t do anything. Uncle could do almost everything a normal a fully fit adult could do. Her mother was working and her siblings were studying. Mrs Malholtra sure had a challenging task since she was managing a big household.

Mr Malholtra made sure he provided the helping hand wherever he could do. He was a typical dad who used to wake up the kids, motivate them to hurry up to school on time and made sure the lunch boxes were packed on time.
He used to also ride the car and drop off the kids and their mother at their respective places. I have grown up seeing Mr Malholtra and Spooky since they are not only in our neighbor but my dad’s youngest brother. My dad never wanted to give his example to me. However it was during the normal discussions that Mr Malholtra understood my dad’s problem and he became my second mentor.
As I spent time with Mr Malholtra, I realized that he was a man who despite all hardships had dared to raise a happy family. Though he could not afford the best luxuries of life he made sure he gave his children the best education with the support of his wife. The story of Mrs Malholtra is also interesting and I will share it another blog post.
From Mr Malholtra, I learnt that how man can be filled with compassion and be less angry. Despite hurdles, I was always amazed at how he kept smiling and laughed at problems as if they were jokes. He made sure he carefully planned for the future, but still enjoyed every moment of his present.

And today if you ask me, I have tried to learn this art of being positive. I am still uncles humble student. I get a chance to be optimistic at different times such as– the look at the intensifying sun, beautiful vegetation in our backyard, the chance to sip tea in the evening when I am sitting on our home beach with a book or paint brush in my hand, the friendly fights with friends and many more. I have hopes of a gorgeous opportunity and I do see a dream home somewhere in the bliss on this earth!

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